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Bong and Vape Outlet is a wholesale distributor of Cannabis paraphernalia and Vapourizing products in Canada. We strive to bring quality products and competitive prices.


Bong and Vape Outlet was founded in 2018. Building upon 10 years of retail experience in a flourishing Cannabis paraphernalia Industry, Bong and Vape Outlet was able to establish a chain of retail store locations. Through this experience and knowledge gained Bong and Vape Outlet was created at a wholesale level to offer a competitive and customer focused experience. 

Exclusive to Bong and Vape Outlet is Clover Glass. With this exclusivity we are able to offer competitive prices and unique wholesale options for our customers. At bong and vape outlet we understand the complexities with running a retail business, and with this understanding we strive to work with our customers with price, credit and other challenges businesses big and small all face.

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